Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Final Project Proposal

  • Statement of area of interest:
    • For this project, I am wanting to work within an area where I would not have to travel very much; somewhere more local and convenient. One thing I am interested in is testing the water quality of the river that runs through the Nature Trail in the UWF campus.
  • Primary Research:
    • Environmental Science students, biology students, professors, UWF librarians, journals related to water-quality in this area, articles about the UWF Nature Trail, 
  • Location:
    • UWF Campus, UWF Nature Trail
  • List of info/sample collections/data to gather:
    • Water sample
      • pH, dissolved oxygen, phosphates, ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, hardness, alkalinity, salinity, temperature, clarity, turbidity, conductivity, ORP, fecal coliform, E. coli, etc 
  • Proposed Statement of design:
    • Perhaps create a visual model of the contents of the water sample separated by layers.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

This creature is meant to be a dragon. The first animal part I thought about making this chimera was to use one the head of my favorite animal: the alligator. I then had to think of the main body of the creature, which took a lot of thought before settling on the body of the alligator snapping turtle for its rigid shell, inspired by the well-known Nintendo character Bowser. Keeping on with that inspiration, I added the horns of a bull onto the head. Now because this creature is meant to be a dragon, what else would it need? That's right, wings! I thought bat wings were the best hit and I slapped them onto the back. For the legs, I wanted to give the creature something nice to look at so I added in some human muscular legs for the hind limbs of the dragon with the claws of the eagle. For adding those legs, I played around the the "Puppet Warp" transformation tool to make sure it looked just right when bending them. For the front limbs, I somehow found a picture of a creature with big claws and I decided to use its arms for my dragon. A viper snake was used for the tail because many of them look nice with how scaled they are, perfect for a dragon, and I added in troll hair for the tail's end really to cover up the head of the snake. Dragons are known to breathe out fire so I made the creature on here breathe fire. I played around with the layer modes of the fire layer until I saw it as acceptable. Lastly, for the background, to match the fiery passion of the dragon, I used an awesome volcano/lava background.

This creature took inspirations from the entity cthulhu in mind. With that, I picked out an octopus to use for this creature's head. To go with the awesomeness of this creature, I needed a buff, manly body to use. The body of The Hulk came into mind. I didn't want to use too much of The Hulk for the chimera, or else it would just be Hulk with an octopus head, so I tried to find the perfect picture to cut out for the leg region, eventually settling on the tentacles of an octopus, but changing the hue and saturation of the tentacles to have the colors match with the body more. To make the body match up with the head more, I created a mask layer over the Hulk layer and used red on the top portion so it blends with the red octopus head more. Looking at those hands, I thought, "It needs to be holding a ball of fire, but something more mystical." so I used the image of a regular fireball and changed its hue and saturation to make it green, erasing parts to make the fingers stick out more. The image I got the fireball from had a black background, so I applied blending options for the fireball layer and moved the black slider a bit until enough of the black background is gone, then rationalized the layer and erased more of the black parts. To add on to the godly nature of this creature, I drew in a halo (applied with a glow) and added in some angel wings. Now to make my chimera even more epic and awesome, firstly I added the tusk of a narwhal at the lower pelvic region for defensive purposes to fight off its foes, then have the creature shoot out pink lasers from his majestic nipples and tusk horn because nothing says awesome and epic like pink lasers shooting out from those regions. The lasers layer had the layer effects played with, along with an added glow, until I was satisfied with how it looked. I had the chimera be in the background of a stormy sea because to match its aquatic origins and its godly nature, then added a faint column of light behind the creature. This would make it look like it's slowly descending down into mankind.

For this chimera, I had "bug queen" in mind. I wanted to use more elements of insects in this piece in contrast to the last two chimeras. Because I wanted this contrast, I used a female for the base of the creature. I searched up a fairly-attractive female to use, but her bra was a bit in the way. I used the stamp tool to carefully paint over the clothing with her skin tone, then used the smudge tool to help blend over the stamped area with the surrounding body. After that, added a mask layer above the female and colored her green to give her a more "bug-like" quality, also coloring her hair purple to contrast with the green color. I put her in a spider (black widow) body to add in the "creature" factor more and copied the spider's abdomen for bottom part of the woman and for her breasts because I really thought using those round exoskeleton parts would be helpful. I colored in the spider's legs with red and yellow stripes to make them stand out more and because those colors are often used as warning or danger signals, because this chick sure ain't safe to be around. Colored the area purple around the spider parts on the woman to give it more variety. I added in fly eyes and the mandibles of an ant to make the creature more like a bug and gave her dragonfly wings so show that she has the ability to fly. I gave the chimera plant thorns over her buggy breasts and a crab leg for a tail for defensive purposes. For the background, I used an image with a large spider web because her lower body is a spider. To help make her shown to be even more dangerous, she needed a prey. I added in a silk cocoon along with a man's face on it so show that a prey has wounded up in her web. Let the feast begin!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Ideas for Formal Project

My ideas for the chimera project would be wanting to create a dragon, a sea monster, and perhaps an alien creature as my final images for it. For the dragon, I'm thinking about definitely using parts from lizards and for the wings, I'm thinking of using bat wings. Sea monster, I do plan on using parts from fish and possibly cephalopods. An alien creature, I'm still a bit unsure of how I would make it, but I think I want to use the body parts of insects and other arthropods. Something like a bug creature from space.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Photomontages 1-3

How New Media is Both Inclusive and Exclusive of the Traditional Media

New media refers to art created with the use of computer technologies rather than what many people would generally associate with art, such as with pencil and paper for example. New media is often concerned with the cultural, political, and aesthetic possibilities of the tools available.
New media is inclusive of the traditional media in that both of the media are engaged with commercial culture. Many of its projects, the more complex and ambitious ones in particular, require a range of skills in technology and art to be produced. Both new and traditional media both use mediums for artistic intervention, meaning it’s a way for artists to get an audience. Traditional media may use something such as a sidewalk or a square as their medium, as this is where the everyday people would go frequent with their lives; new media uses the Internet as it is a very accessible area for people to be on.

Due to artists always having influences from other people and artists alike, this is something new media and traditional media share. In the past, artists have used various forms of appropriation such as with collages and sampling with found images and sound. With new media art, appropriation is very common. With web and file-sharing networks, which are new media technologies, they have given artists easy access to resources such as images, sounds, and text. This is especially very simple due to the well known ability to “copy-and-paste” from sources on the Internet.